Okay, so back to “How to live a fun & lavish life on a low-low budget?”

My intention is to always look my best and always be an unapologetic reflection—representation of my own light. Thus, I get to pick and choose at my own free will the trends and fades I indulge in, the places I go, the events I attend, and the spoils I spend my hard-earned coins on. Despite the fancy high-end price tags for generic sweatshop manufactured pieces and the glitz and glam of flashy lights, I choose my lavish.

My lavish and my budget—ours as a couple is a reflection of us nurturing our current pockets and purse strings.  When your lavish does not have price tag minimum or someone else’s standard to be met you can live happily, and as lavishly as you desire without breaking your bank or going into debt for that wallet-deflating rock or couch.

For instance, I saw the movie, I saw “Blood Diamond”…and even long before that, I’d heard the stories of children dying in diamond mines. Dying—for the bling of the fat cat’s or the layaway couple’s fingers —fingers that will never be lifted to the sky to bless the tiny hands who unearthed those precious stones. So I vowed to not partake in the expensive madness of being a diamond studded bride—if, of course, I or my King were not the finders and/or the miners of said glam. And thus in hindsight, you could say our wedding ring budget was slashed spiritually long before it was conjured mentally.
And that is where we’ll begin tomorrow I suppose …with Value, Purpose, and Intention… the only way to truly live Broke & Bougie…
If You cannot find the love which you seek, be that kind of love,
Maiiandostéka ♥

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