#BrokeandBougie | Value Potential, Live with Purpose, Be Intentional

#BrokeandBougie | Value Potential, Live with Purpose, Be Intentional

We have the tendency to believe—falsely— that because we may be currently struggling or have a lot less than we desire we do not deserve more—deserve to live a life worth claiming. Ehhhhhhh—you could not be farther from the truth if you are thinking like this, viewing life with such a negative perspective. To tell the truth, you are selling yourself oh so short and confining yourself to a poor man’s hell.

First, I had to value myself and my life—you are no different. This means, and I bare witness to the fact that we have to individually know we were given the gift of life to make something grand out of someone who came into this world bare—naked, but filled with desires and beautiful ever-blossoming potential.

Next, I had to realize my purpose. Even if you do not know what your purpose here on Earth is yet, you have to know and rightfully convince your lower self—flesh, human—that your higher self—being— is wholly purposeful. Remember, we all were born bare and naked, and we all were born with a purpose—a reason to be here. The Universe is the soul-bearing, spiritual, mental and physical manifestation of your Almighty, thus, no mistakes exist in the tapestry weaved by the Great Hand. The Almighty is intentional; therefore, your manifestation, your creation, and your birth were purposefully intentional.

And the latter brings us to my intentions—your intentions. Why do you desire the life, those resources and your version of lavish? Is it to keep up with the Jones’? to travel new places? bucket list maybe? …because others say that’s what makes lavish…? Do you want to show off your lavish with the latest fashions and trends? Possibly you want people to know you’re not broke, poor…lacking? I know! you want the hottest rod on the showroom floor…to send your children to private school, because only unsuccessful students go to public schools…or maybe, just maybe you desire to live lavish because you desire to see yourself truly as you were meant to be wealthy and overflowing with abundance. Perhaps, your lavish is more altruristic—you aspire to see all of the people growing up around you in the middle of the backwoods or those who share your project steps realize that circumstances do not define them…You—because it was, is and will aways be You defining You.


Be ever-happy with your lot my Loves!


Written by Egypt English

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