#WeddingTales | Hors d’oeuvres, Fine Wine and a Jacuzzi to Overflow

#WeddingTales | Hors d'oeuvre, Fine Wine and a Jacuzzi to Overflow

You remember that thing I said about everyone’s lavish isn’t your lavish…right? Well, I’m proof in the pudding. In the honeymoon planning process, Frank will tell you I booked and unbooked—scoured many hotels for exactly what we desired for our honeymoon stay within our budget. At the top of the list…a Jacuzzi.

I desired a luxurious Jacuzzi filled with bubbles, a few glasses of wine and of course a good time with King. In my head, the night would be similar to those romance movies, where the newlyweds throw back like five glasses of wine hops in the hot tub for a relaxing bath in love and the rest remains in Vegas. Well, where there is a will!… you all know the rest… I got my wish…all three to be exact and lot more than I bargained for too.

So picture this…One bottle of wine down… Dollar Tree bubble bath …Warm Vanilla…32 Oz, goes into the rising Jacuzzi water.

Egypt: This cheap stuff, there aren’t any bubbles…*pours more*

Still not enough…*pours more …25 ounces approximately….”Eh, this was a waste of a dollar…oh well.”

Into the Jacuzzi, we go…spend 10 minutes trying to figure out how to turn on the jets…#tragic…Finally “ON” and then STRAIGHT HELL EXPLODES! Like, no, seriously Loves, I couldn’t make this up if I tried. I wish I could find the video we took…eh. Quickly, I realize I’m physically hot and tipsy, the water is too hot to be both tipsy and hot, the cheap-not-working bubble bath is not as ineffective as I naively assume because now Frank and I are chin deep in rising bubbles as the jets play bubble blowers, and all of the candles that were so romantically placed are no longer lit, but now drowning in a mass of relentless bubbles along with the hors d’oeuvres sitting tub-side as we scramble to find the drain on the now invisible tub floor. Now we are standing—in an ocean of white froth, and as the excess heat subsides to relief a random dance session begins…and a massive who’s going to clean this room bubble fight ensues—a tale fated for the Great-Grands.

Live for the sake of creating your own memories. When life gives you lemons, supply your own kind of sugar, borrow water from your own being and stir up a Jacuzzi overflowing with lemonade. ^_^


I hope this finds you in good spirit and leaves you in great spirit!





Written by Egypt English

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