There is nothing more precious than self-trust.

—Many days you will face fears, but in those times know that fear never derives from the fact that you cannot or will not. Fear derives only from the place of you have yet to.

Both Frank and I once shared common “fears”…the fears of pausing to catch our breath, taking water breaks during our marathons, and savoring the sweet smell of florals that run along the course of our respective life paths. Consequently, we often find ourselves crashing…pretty hard too, one after another and sometimes together. Yet, our true fear is never really the taking of breaks—no, that is fleshly, mental or secondary.

*As above, so below*

The source of that fear is NOT the taking of necessary breaks; however, the source is deeper—it is the mind’s and body’s reaction to soul and spirit (primary) becoming restless and dysfunctional from craving the minutest breath of life, aka love—in our case, taking breaks.

Afraid you won’t complete your book? …pass your exams? …live a joyful life?

Think.Write. Edit. Meditate. Study. Break. Live. . . Breathe. Love yourself —— all one, all the same.

Discard your “cannots”, “will nots” and “I am nots” and replace them all with “I have yet to…” You will love yourself divinely for this, and the world will love you all the same for the breaths of life you exhale when your soul and spirit are once again moving a speed of light.

What are you craving?…

Love Yourself Enough to Fear Nothing | #TeaspirationThursday
He’s never been the bring me flowers type …^_^


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