The best advice a wombman can receive from her King is “do you—shine your light, be you”

No one can give you power. Sure, many people can give you fabricated keys to operating the vehicle of your life, but only you have what it takes to whip your ride.

Frank allows me” and encourages me to be all of I. He often pushes and pulls me outside of my zones of comfort, and I am always better because of it. I have realized over the years how necessary his motivation has been, so nowadays I am growing more adamant about forcing myself to push and pull beyond my comfort zones.

I love that no dream or vision I share with him is too extravagant or “unachievable”—quite the contrary despite the fact that my desires and goals shift just as unpredictably as uname—the four winds. Regardless of what I bring before him or how often I bring some new fathom to him he acknowledges it, welcomes it, gives me his critiques, if any, suggestions for its betterment, if needed, always extends best wishes and encourages me to pursue it with passion and consistency. If by chance he completely feels as though I am jumping too fast, too far, too quickly without rightfully assessing the field of play he braves the potential of my attitude or stubborn nature to assert that which he feels or thinks will guide me to a practical or more logical solution. Yet, no matter what he thinks, believes or feels he never hinders me from living my life, walking my path and experiencing all that is meant for me—good for me.

Bunned? or Nah! your vision is yours and necessary! fear only your lack of faith in yourself. Give yourself permission to give your vision the quality it deserves and requires.

Forever here is my love,

—♥  S. Marie

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