it don’t matter—it’s all love, all familia, tribe.

We know, blood is thicker than water, and that soup can be served very thin. Yet, sometimes the extra contents of a body of water or bowl of soup can make blood almost irrelevant if you can catch my drift.

See being bound by blood to someone or someones is something I can never change—neither can you. However, relationships with your blood bound can change. Fortunately or unfortunately, many relationships do change, and some never do…some remain tight from day one, some continue to grow stronger with each passing year, others dissipate slowly or rapidly into distance. So while we may be bound by blood and have sense of obligation to a person, a love that cannot be severed by its very nature, we may not have the close ties regardless of how hard we try to force ourselves upon each other—and in the grand scheme of things as wrong as this may seem, it’s always divine, always righteous.

And then, in flows muddy waters, an unsung steeple of love alchemy. Thick as, sometimes thicker than, blood. Yet, these people are not bound by blood and possess every right to flow right out of your life. Still, these are they who have proven their love for you, their indebtedness to your soul energy, warred with you through thick and thin, and saw you at your lowest depth and made every attempt they could fathom to lift you with their own strength, be it weak or phenomenal, back into the light.

Finally, there’s the giant pot of naturalized soup—the epitome of a well-seasoned chef’s culinary skills. In the pot we stir in those who simply love you. These are the dear loves who have watched you from afar, traveled with you through the confines of distant electromagnetic waves and have still felt the depths of your pains, the heights of your glories—and desire more good for you. These souls know very little of your beginnings—only that which you have graced their senses with—but they desire that your end be much greater than that which they have no recollection of.

Be thankful—always grateful for all that you have been provided and every soul which you have been graced to encounter. Maiiandostéka!


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