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Today we are living in the age of Aquarius—the age of technology and information. So much of that information is free and readily available with a simple internet search. People everywhere, myself included, are constantly seeking information of all sorts and kinds. Most importantly we are in search of information we can trust. We crave information that feeds our souls, just as much as it enlightens our perspectives. 

If you ever meet my mother-in-law know she is one of the sweetest, most conservative and studious people you will ever meet. However, she has a side few people ever get to witness—her thug-life =side. Que Tupac. We will call that her I am very kind and conservative, but I will not take s*** from anyone—know these hands came registered side. Some years ago she inquired about how to start a lifestyle blog to share her experiences and perspective. Well, her inquiry caught me off-guard. I am a pretty consistent blogger and have been for over 5 years. Yet, I never looked at myself as someone who other people would come to seeking blogging advice. Plus, my mother-in-law is a highly informed woman. When she asked me about all of the ins and outs about blogging it took me by surprise—I figured she would have just Googled a how-to already. Right?

Trustworthy Information

While taking time off to actually work on self and my craft I received even more questions about blogging. Close relatives, friends and even new acquaintances were inquiring how they could start blogs. They actually wanted to sit down with me and hash out all of their questions, hesitations and game plans. I realized my view of myself as a decently seasoned blogger and the view I held about our easy access to how-to’s of all sorts was very distorted.  It had never dawned on me that while Google is a very good source of information, Google can also not be as trustworthy as someone who you actually know, someone who is actually right there in front of you, someone tangible, someone you can reach out and touch.

So, I realized oftentimes we do not simply need the how-to that we receive from a quick-fix internet search. In reality, search engines regularly serve as replacements for readily-available people to call on when we are in need of trustworthy information. Nevertheless, we still desire to have the how-to that someone we know, respect and actually trust can provide.

The Art of Giving Back

I remember when I started blogging I did not know anyone who blogged. I had no one to introduce me to the best tactics, best practices, or art of blogging. At the time I only had a story I desired to tell—so I danced, fell and loved through the journey. Thus, I am honored to be even writing this series of posts. People still inquired of me how to start a blog. How to go about being consistent? Hoto find the right things to write about? Can people really make money online blogging? I accept now, I do have answers. I have my journey, I know my stumbles and good strides—and so here we are.

My 2019 goal is to share my blogging experience and knowledge of the science behind what makes a successful blog.

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