Let Them Think You’re Extra — 9 Steps to Confidence

9 Steps Easy Steps on How to Gain Confidence in Love and Life Confidence

How to Gain Confidence in Love and Life

  1. Comprehend: onlookers will not understand you. They may find you to be strange, unorthodox. Let them judge you.
  2. Appreciate that YOU are YOU. Your DNA. The foods you eat. Your thoughts—your style. The shows you watch—the way you speak—your laughter too. All of the latter and so much more is part of your own unique life’s experience.
  3. Spend time accepting yourself for everything that you are, are not, and are yet to be.
  4. Invest time into figuring out, exploring all that fuels, excites, and invigorates you. Passion. Purpose. Dreams. Ambitions. Goals. Gifts. Talents. Skills.
  5. Pour into your expression of YOU. It is the uniqueness of your spirit—you in general and as a whole, which makes you most suitable to fulfill your purpose.
  6. Harness, all of you. Leave nothing out. All that is you—lower nature and higher nature—is necessary for a well-refined YOU.
  7. Trust yourself and the divine course of love and life that in good time you will learn how to express yourself better and better.
  8. Know those who misjudge you or despise you have yet to find the keys to themselves.
  9. Accept that those who can feel your shifting and see your light within an abyss of darkness will find you.
*9 is the number of purpose.

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