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If you know me-know me, you know I am a recovering Goodwill, thrift store addict. To be fair, and not alone in this intervention—Frank is too. Most of my fancy coats, half of our book and almost all of our VHS collection was purchased at our local Goodwill stores. Nowadays people are rushing into clothing stores for the latest trends and designer fashions. I, on the other hand, am waiting in a monstrous line at a Goodwill Chesapeake store. I am beaming from ear to ear with cart full unique pieces at the monthly 50% off sale. Every now and then I may even grab a designer this or that. Frank is content too because he has probably found some gems in the books section. Not to mention, I barely spent 25 federal reserve notes. His pockets, our pockets can breathe.

January 2019 marked the first month in over a year that Frank and I did not splurge at the Goodwill. To be exact—we did not visit any thrift stores. If you do not cross the threshold temptation will not seize you by the purse strings. With our little one on the way, we made a commitment to budgeting better and saving more. We did really really good actually. So good, that we did not feel a bit of conviction when February rolled in and we found ourselves in the Goodwill checkout line. He needed a trenchcoat for a project. I just happened to come across six VHS tapes not in our collection, two children’s books, and a really nice dress coat. Okay, correction: I found 5 VHS tapes, not in our collection. Duplicate tapes are, yeah, a bit of a thing when you are constantly on the hunt for classics.

Why I Shop at Goodwill?

Uh, do I have an answer for such a question? Well of course I do—that is partially why this post exists. I shop at Goodwill because I appreciate getting the most bang for my buck. Of course, I also love being environmentally friendly. I say that and realize how happy that really makes me feel. Que tangent. I have really been trying to figure out reasonable ways Frank and I could be more environmentally conscious for a while now. It just dawned on me typing the latter that we have been saving the earth all along. We may not always take our recycling to a center, but we do ensure that a lot of books, clothes and other household items do not end up in the landfills. Every little bit helps, right? Indeed.

Plus, I appreciate the Goodwill mission. I used to be the Administrative Specialist for Goodwill of South Central Virginia some years ago. I really enjoyed the people I worked with, the culture and the urge to make the community we all shared better. Yes, yes. Some people question the politics of big nonprofits like Goodwill, however, I look solely for the love within the philanthropy. I choose to highlight the good that is being done despite man’s lower nature. Wherever negativity is found it is our duty to exorcize it with love. Thus, my intentions when shopping in thrift stores, namely Goodwill, is to help give back to our communities. Shopping at Goodwill allows me to recycle, reuse, perfect my wardrobe, tailor my style, find discarded treasures, and let us not forget, save my coins. I am also able to contribute to creating employment and providing education to my community through programs Goodwill International offers. All of which makes me feel even better about my addiction. 

Are you a thrifter too? Let me know where you like to shop below!

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