Fear less—Quote of the Day on Character - Tea -Teaspiration Thursday & #Magi Monday

The New Tea

It has been so long since I have served up a good brew of tea here in our space. To be honest, I have not been much for brewing leaves lately or pulling tea bag tags from my jars of love. Nevertheless, every day I encounter fresh new spiritual brews. That said, I really have no excuse for failing to invite you, my loves, back for a fresh cup each week. So, to say less, #TeaspirationThursday is back!

Magi Mondays

Are you excited? No worries! I am excited enough for both of us. Magi Mondays is a series that has been brewing in my spirit for quite some time now. Many of you know I sprinkle bits of astrology, numerology, spirit animal dust, and other divine sciences into LoveTrips’ posts here and there. Yet, I have been hesitant to really allow myself to dive deep into the world which forever remains at the heart of my and Frank’s 7.5-year dance with love. Seriously, without me being inspired by Thursday’s expansion energy ruled by planet Jupiter there would not be a #Teaspiration Thursday.

Therefore, over the last few years, I spent much of my days studying magic.  From the spirals of astrology to crystals, numerology to dreams, spirit animals to oracle cards my soul has been raptured. We can confidently call my journey a calling that I finally answered after only picking up the phone for some time. My desire is to become highly adept in each of my realms of study. I have accepted that much of my purpose deals with healing. Thus, I comprehend that a physician must know how to properly will her tools. With your help, I am sure I can master them all. I am prepared to bring you all along for the extent of my journey if you are willing to travel of course…

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