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The Art of Reappearing

Many people will vanish—some into thin air leaving not a trace, others disappear leaving trails of smoke or dust…only few will reappear

How to Vanish

Just vanish. Leave no forewarning. Pack no suitcase. #Pokerface

Timing is Everything

Much time was wasted, but not wasted dreaming, thinking, planning, trying…minimal execution, but I did do a lot. Nothing ever really feels as though it is indeed enough—but if nothing is ever wasted, every breath is plenty. Clock hands do not race—they remain steady one second at a time. When clocks stop ticking we say they are broken—I am a clock, but first I was time. I function well. I stop not. As time, I always work. #joules


And although to many you may appear to be perfection, to the well-enlightened eye you appear even dimmer than before your great disappearing act; and yet still, even more powerful, even wiser, more ignited, more perfect, glittering in beaming imperfections.

Why vanish?

My soul chose a path, one of being healed and one of healing. This is exhausting. My soul chose a path that required tremendous breaking before it could even think to help another soul to mend.

I had to remember why I was breaking.

I had to remember how to break effectively, because sometimes—oftentimes—we break with no intention of ever piecing ourselves together again. That is how we misplace our pieces—pieces that can take lifetimes to find again. I rather use my time wisely and efficiently to love, to live, to experience endless passions and bountiful pleasures.

The Reappearing

It is baffling—the conflict of knowing that something is exactly what it is meant to be even though you would never have said it would be so. Like how and when you are compelled and propelled to reappear—not simply ready to reappear. Funny how we are always super ready for something to happen until it actually begins to happen. All of a sudden we find ourselves godforsakenly unprepared and ever so overwhelm. We usually shrink inside ourselves #tragic. Nevertheless, when you are compelled and propelled to reappear you realize that you are rarely, if ever, where you thought you would be, but so far removed from where you once were, and ever so much closer to where your desire to be.

Con mucho andestagōnwa,


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