I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.

—Nelson Mandela


Courage is Love

Starting a new relationship or being in a longterm relationship can be a pretty daunting task. After all, relationships come with a lot of unchartered territory and many unforeseen trials and tribulations. Often times we give up long before our love trains have even left the stations. Sometimes we call in the quits well before the conductor has even yelled: “all aboard.” Truth is, we fear the unknown. We fear opening up our hearts to experiencing something that moves us out of our comfort zone. It is also often true that we fear most of all the ever-looming possibility of disappointment.

Yet, in life, we are charged with conquering our fears. Life urges us to face fear head-on, knowing that no matter what may come, everything is always love, and always good. Even in the midst of what appears to be heartache and heartbreak, there is love. There are lessons to learn, experiences to have, and emotions to feel. Each time we face our fears, we become better somehow and someway.

We are always, every day creating new and improving old relationships with ourselves, others and even places and things. Because of the latter, we must always be willing to embrace all that comes along with the journey. No matter how high the mountain we face may be, we must climb it with a Capricorn spirit. In other words, harness the ability of a mountain goat who ascends to the greatest of heights, despite the landslides, tumbling boulders or rough winds. Know that whether your relationships are destined for happily-ever-after or purging by fire—there is love in the journey. You are meant to find gems along the path and make good use of them on your next journey.

It feels good to back! I love you like for forever loves eternity,


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