Ever seen someone in a piece of fashion or styled so peculiarly that in your mind or out loud you are like “I freaking love your life!” Truth be told, I love that moment. Whether I am witnessing someone looking so beautifully bizarre or whether I am the one making it onto someone else’s bizarre list indeed those moments are honors. See, there is something heartwarming about knowing you stand out in a crowd, and not because you spent a fortune on your look, but because your look is on you. Your style is specifically designed, cultivated and hand-picked by your divus eye. You know, and we can feel that you did not choose pieces because of their big-ticket price tags, because they are trending, or because they flaunt a high-end designers name or logo. We know, you choose each increment of your look because it suits you, and your heart desires it. You vibe with your pieces—and they all resonate deep within and far beyond your spirit.

“Nothing is incidental.”
—Pocan Ioan Valentin

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