Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.

—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Patience Quote Ralph Waldo Emerson: Adopt the pace of nature

Over the course of many seasons, I have learned to dance the ballet of patience. When Spring begins her rise above the horizon we begin to sow our good seeds. Mother nature’s seeds that dropped in Autumn and lay dormant though Winter take up root. When Summer ascends all Spring sowings and roots bud and ripen, and we start harvesting. Then comes Summer’s Eve, and we take to sowing and planting that which will be harvested as the leaves commence to falling. Autumn’s beginnings mark its ending as we harvest what is good and start preparing for the time of resting, reflecting, and preparing. We welcome Winter with the Winter Solstice — the dying of the Sun on the Southern Cross or Crux constellation. Know, even our Sun has patience as it rests at its lowest point for three days before beginning its rise on what we call Christmas Day. Our days begin to lengthen once more foreshadowing Spring’s return. We lay in patience and in wait just as those seeds which fell in Autumn.

Welcome to Spring! May your harvest this year be abundant!