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Does Your Food Make You Happy?

Raise your hand if you have a food dance. I have one —although, I was not aware I did until Frankie started calling me out about it a little over a year ago. Let us be honest, most of us see our favorite foods or simply food in general and become entranced in a temporary euphoric state of happiness. Not to mention when we take that first bite on the road to food coma city. Yet, we all know food is merely a substitute for happiness. Nowadays, I desire that food only garnish my happiness.

The truth is food does not make me happy regardless of how good it tastes or how comforting it may be. Think about it, we have heard the tale of the tragic breakup leading someone spoonful after spoonful down the Rocky Road of ice creams. At the end of the tub of pleasures, the brokenhearted is still left with a bucket of tears. And who has not eaten way too much of their favorite food and regretted it later?

I know what it is like to eat your cares away—trust me. I spent almost a year battling with digestive issues. Almost everything I ate made my stomach cringe—even the healthy choices. I realized slowly, but surely, food was not the source of my healing or my happiness. Now, I know what it is like to go find healing and happiness and then return to food without convictions.

Before I went vegetarian or started working out, I lost 80 pounds and some change in a year. I found my path to happiness months before I began losing weight.

Somewhere between trying to eat healthier and wanting to eat the foods I love, I found a perfect balance. For me, the balancing act is what makes life worth living. Yes, we should enjoy our favorite foods. Yes, a good meal with good friends should excite you. However, life, itself, should always be the source of your happiness.

Love, as always


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