Are you hearing yourself? On this episode of From Wrong to Write, we are focusing on the art of communicating to be heard by yourself and others. It is only when you have self-acceptance and are truly able to hear yourself that you can help and free yourself for ascension and success. Season 2 kicks off with new segments, including the “The Monday Train” for creative entrepreneurs and “Unabridged,” featuring personal journals by Egypt English.

Citation: Bro. J. Foster-Bey of Temple 4 and 25 said that the Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali said, “A beggar nation cannot attain to its highest degree of spirituality.” — Oral Statements and Prophesies of Prophet Noble Drew Ali (Sheik Sharif Abdul Ali)


On the conveyance to work one day, I was having a heart-to-heart with my little one, yes, the little one swimming in my womb. I had the urge to have The Talk early—the self-acceptance talk. I have come to realize over the course of five years that the most important requisite for success in business, love, or life, in general, is self-acceptance.

I look at self-acceptance like I view putting together a giant puzzle. For those of you who do not know this about me, I love jigsaw puzzles. As a child, one of my greatest commitments and accomplishments was completing a 1000-piece Mataoka (Pocahontas) puzzle. I was so proud of myself—in hindsight, it was pretty tough to piece together. My parents were proud of me too—so much so that my Hena (Mother) coated it with a clear glue and framed it. A couple of years later, we sold it at the flea market, but still, to this day, I sit back and think about that puzzle and how each and every piece was a true ace in its place.

We are all puzzle pieces. We are all intricately designed to fit perfectly and snuggly in our own tailored space on the great board or tapestry of life. Ever tried to fit a puzzle piece in a space not meant for it to be placed. No matter how you turned the piece, and regardless of how almost it fit—you fail to get that piece to merge into that space. Eventually, you have to accept that the puzzle piece fits somewhere else.

I recall thinking there was no space for me to just be myself because to me it was simply way too complicated of a piece to fit properly into any given space. I knew I love to do so many things—write, blog, teach, coach, mentor, podcast, be a poet, design jewelry, talk about love, live life, make money… I had a laundry list of “I love to do’s” and these all felt right to me. Yet, I began to feel the space in which all of those things fit was either too big of a space for little ‘ole me to fill, too small to cram all of those desires into, or simply put, non-existent. Each of the latter thoughts left me sick with stress. What is life if I cannot do all that I desire to do, be happy doing, and build a foundation of security upon it?  

I had to pause—stop—take many deep breaths and ask myself a lot of questions. Two questions stood out the most. The first question in many forms was: What do I do best? What am I good at doing? What can you do almost every day without hesitation? It did not take me a long time to acknowledge that while I love to do a lot of things, a lot of different and wonderful things—I could spend my entire life transcribing my thoughts into words. Writing is my thang, as Little Bill would say. And because writing is my thing, I decided to write my life, in so many forms. Every single place that I can encounter — every medium available to me, I choose to write my life.

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