About LoveTrips™

Love¹:  an intense emotion ... one which surpasses all others in strength and depth . . .

Love²:  an intense feeling of deep affection. a person or thing that one loves. feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone). a formula for ending an affectionate letter. a person or thing that one loves. etc.

Loveology: the study of the science of love (physically, mentally, spiritually, soulfully, cosmically...).

LoveTrips™ the BLOG is a space of constant spiritual and mental shifting  and progressing—the process of manifesting the all-encompassing power of Love through actions of Hope and Faith

What's Are LoveTrips?

Imagine for a second you are Cannabis smoker ^_^. Now imagine there's a new loud pack in your town called Love. You roll it up and take one hit —and for an extended moment in time your whole world begins to transform. . . into what? Well, that all depends on you, your timing, the love you have within . . . For Frank & I, individually and together, we dream up the most elaborate of fantasies, and then set out to make each of those fantasies a reality of our own unique sort. .those journeys are our LoveTrips.

LoveTrips™ the TRIBE logo wi/ Egypt English

In essence, you are and can be whatever your soul desires,
and could go as far, as high, as long as you so choose on your LoveTrip.

What will you find here?

Knowledge of Self
Experience from Life & Love
Relationship Advice and Cosmic Guidance
A one-way ticket out of your current state of Hell

LoveTrips™ Goals

Be Transparent
Paint a Masterpiece

Grow, Change, Thrive
Love More for Others Than for Self

♥ To know us is to love us right? ^_^♥

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