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Selfie|You'll never be Cinderella Honey

“I talk about love in an universal manner, and inside the universe there is individuality, particularity.” 

Rick “The Lone Beach Walker”

You have to allow your fairy tale to just happen. Brandy as CinderellaAlthough your relationships may be influenced by those of others, yours should never be modeled after anyone’s or any social norm. I was once a relationship forcer. Like majority of love seekers, I was very naive believing my expectations would be met by every male I dated. In reality, my expectations and my standards were great for me, and I have never significantly lowered them for anyone. With that being said, I tried to force those great expectations and standards on guys who were not ready to meet them or willing to maintain them. Continue reading “Selfie|You'll never be Cinderella Honey”

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Feeling Myself

Eventually you come to a point in life at which you will be faced with two choices: continue to live your life existing on the edge or run as fast as you can, leap into the unknown and free fall through time.

Yours Truly ♥

Dance Seaera, Dance Your Life Away
Sunday’s Best

My only consistency is change. It took me a while to realize this constant changing can be a blessing just as a much as it has been a curse. Growing up, I was always a jack-of-all-trades. I never grew out of it. It is fair to say I’ve also always been somewhat of an anomaly. I never fit in with kids or teens my age—nowadays not many adults. I was never one for narrow-minded people or immature games. I was always ready to get to prime of my life. I just wanted to be free of all constraints and restraints. I had a desire to live and do whatever made me happy. Continue reading “Feeling Myself”