Coal Engine 734

It all started with a big train…

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A train rolled into the same tourist station—the same turn-around every Sunday at noon—for who knows how long. Yet in the 4 + years both of us had been in the mountains of Frostburg, Maryland, we had never heard, seen or knew anything of that old coal engine. Nevertheless, that faithful Sunday sitting in the old-timey western diner, eating our burgers and fries we saw black smoke rising above the valley tree tops. Moments later the big black engine made its way around the bend and came to a screeching halt on the track right outside the window of the diner. Next, like a scene right out of a twilight zone movie, a conductor fully adorn in a nostalgic railroad uniform hopped down from the cab and hundreds of people from many nations flooded out onto the dock.

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Love, Sex and Happily Forever After

I haven’t quite put my finger on my exact purpose in life, but I’m pretty sure whatever it is has a whole lot to do with love—so let us make this a journey to remember.

For my Nadira’s Locs supporters, I send my love and thanks for your follows, comments, likes and reblogs. I initially took down the site to revamp it and take it to the next level. However after about Where is the Corona ?three months I got frustrated—my inspiration had vanished. I was crushed emotionally. See when I first published Nadira’s Locs I was convinced I had finally found my blogging niche. However, after a year’s worth of soul searching, future planning and weekenders with the Hunny, I realized my niche has always been is my passion. And for as long as I can remember, my passion has always been the quest for true love. Continue reading “Love, Sex and Happily Forever After”


King Midas

The beads of water fall from the faucet,

liquid crystals golderizing

as they touched his skin. She

stood outside the curtain, waiting,

for the sound of rain hitting the plastic

rocking horse on the back porch to stop. And when it did, from the now dripping waterfall he emerged

glistening and glittering like lights

dusted in gold.

She proceeded to pull the sari

she held in her small mortal hand around him as it hardened

like gladiator armor.

From her, he took it— leaving her

he ran east across the sky

and trailed behind him her flag of oranges

and purples plated

in gold.



E. English Publishing ©

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I AM Darothee [Somewhere outside of Kansas]

He lured me away from the quiet roads which had invaded pastures

long before the fields knew the aroma of manure—and yet my heart still knows that smell. 

His light guided me

along his rugged streets,

and soon my mind embraced the scent of exhaustion; my ears rang

with the horns and sounds of endless traffic jams,

gridlocked beltways and rushing vehicles over concrete rivers.

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