Are you ready for the most fulfilling journey of your new life? Ready to wake up each dawning with renewed strength, ambition and courage. Trapped in what seems like a Hellish maze and can’t seem to catch your breath while trying to escape the devilish flames of your drastically exhausting life? Well then, my dear Love Love is Law: YOU & All of Your Heart’s Desires is the book I penned especially for YOU from my heart with all of my L-O-V-E!

I know what it feels like…I know what it looks like to wake up each day and feel as if you are living and breathing in the toxic fumes and smoke of hellfire—it’s downright daunting and oh so depressing. Well, in the midst of darkness I found the not so secret secret! I saw the light of LOVE…who would have thunk it aye?! Eh, maybe I should be more correct and say love found me once more. Nevertheless, I want you to have love, be love and thrive in love too—so come and get your dose of the most ancient of all magic potions. Love is the key to your happy, your smile and keeping your physical, your spiritual, and your mental bank account on MANIFEST HEART’S DESIRES.


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God speed Queens & Kings.

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