Running along the edge of a wet pool deck mid Summer

I used to say I’d rather drown

than die by fire— be charred beyond recognition by flames.

Yet now,  I stand self adducing—

spewing from my mental time after time that I rose from those blazing snares

purged, scourged, blackened with soot; but exculpated and true.      And now the solace I thought was to come upon drowning seems quite vindictive as I thrash about the relentless waves cast up from Haides’ seas of mist and darkness. Sweet sounds of Seirēns tease the thistles my ears and for moments brief, but always sure, I feel the tide changing. Shifting. Gentle.      I float

and then the drowning commences once again.

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Free to just be at last

For the first time in probably life, I feel as if I’m actually doing many of the things I’ve always desire, and well many I had no clue I would care to do. Recently, I began an art project heavily steeped in my indigenous roots, but exuding an artsy, poetic and a spiritual essence.  Confusing . . . I know, I barely know how to explain what I am up to myself these days. Nevertheless, I call my new ventures Craftscapes. The process of craftscaping for me is really all about engulfing myself into the colliding process of art and spirit. Who I truly am is starting to become more apparent to me as I dive deeper into this new world I’m creating with the help of Frankie baby.

How did this begin?

Thanks for asking loves! It all began quite some time ago, but these creative seeds started to take root back in January when I posted High Off Metta. My old gears started grinding to a steady churn. I was so bogged down with the current plight of humanity that I started to get mentally blockaded with all the inhumane happenings of the world. Eh, needless to say if you know anything about the science of being fxcking great—you know AIN’T NO BODY GOT TIME FOR THAT NEGATIVITY! So I pushed those thoughts to the back of my head and took the collective advice of Michael Jackson, Wallace D. Wattles and My Hunny. In short: DON’T TRY TO CHANGE THE WORLD EGYPT! JUST DO YOU . . . well thanks guys I suppose I can’t screw that up. Continue reading