There they are! . . .

“Goose Bumps” – something new and spectacular is about to happen. Be prepared to be amazed!


I mentioned numbers and water, but I didn’t acknowledge the most blatant of good tidings from the universe. Well for starters, the numbers were clear, but I still have yet to grasp exactly what water has to do in the great grand scheme of my life. Nonetheless, being from backwoods [n]ative American roots I am pretty hip to animals/nature: spirit guides to be more specific. Okay, so this is not a post for the skeptic or the close-minded, but those of you who rely on nature to guide you more than your GPS. That is I, and growing more in tune each day is Frank. Continue reading


Don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge woman, and I forgot my fxckin’ cap (Part 2 of 2)


Muddy Creek Falls – Swallow Falls, Maryland

Growing up country, I’ve always been one for nature’s adventures, so flip flops off I hopped and slipped my way back to motionless ground joining the others who had made their way back or had remained on the shore. Still on the other side were JoJo and Ya, and Frank and D. While D was helping us ladies down from the rock wall, Frank was ensuring no one lost their footing on a few of the smaller rocks. So Ya makes it to freedom, but JoJo’s strappy sandals proved to be an issue and she couldn’t make it over the small rocks or cut across the river like some of us had done. At this point, we’re all attempting to coach JoJo toward her next move, but in reality, we were nervous for the very first time. After all, she was literally at most 8 feet from the next drop and had no choice but to jump to the stone ledge that was maybe 5 feet from the next drop.  Continue reading


Don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge woman, and I forgot my fxckin’ cap (Part 1 of 2)


Muddy Creek Falls In Swallow Falls State Park Maryland – Brendan Reels. {We made it underneath that fall – F & E, 2012}

You’re standing face-to-face with a plunging 53-foot waterfall—onto rocks, stone platforms and of course more rushing water. A waterfall that leads to another waterfall—which lands on more rocks and finally drops into a frigid cold rushing river. That was the scene on the day Frank, made the decision to be Superman for another woman, without a cap.

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Title-less [prologue to “Don’t Push Me-Part 1 of 2]


Seeing another woman in your man arms could be a daunting image. More often than not it is a daunting sight. Especially an attractive woman. Let’s not mention a woman who shares the same circle of friends as you and your Him. Just the mere thought of her man holding another woman tight, chest to chest, face to face is enough to drive the average woman insane. And for many—the circumstances do not matter. I’ve encountered women who are offended when their men hug female family members “too” long in public. Nevertheless, all of the latter being said, my experience with another woman in my man’s arms came in a rare, but a much needed defining moment — a highly potential life or death moment actually. My possessive feminine nature and pride were challenged, but both were forced to take a seat and submit to my higher consciousness.
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