#Teaspiration Thursday | The Art of Pricking One’s Distal Phalanx

He who wants a rose must respect the thorn. —Persian Proverb

Egypt plucks with no tea in Her cup to sip.

It is pure naiveté or neglect of truth that would lead one to believe living a good life is to live a life without unfortunate events, Without dark clouds and rainfall how can you truly say you love the sunshine. And without blinding sand storms how might another take delight in the majestic vastness of a seemingly endless sea of golden crystals.

Life is always good. No matter how many wrong turns you make along your journey, life is always good, because your life is an exact product of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and years of you inputting an infinitely colorful array of numerical functions, vibrations, frequencies, and energies into the Universe which is your Provider—and in return, you are granted your LIFE, your here and your now!

You reap what you sew. Thus, your harvest is always good, even if you find you do not quite care for all that you’ve cultivated—conjured.

To desire life is to simultaneously appreciate the messes you have made. To love life is to learn from the lessons your past and present actions have taught you. To love life is to welcome all obstacles and challenges which come to strengthen you, to teach you, to build you, and to mold you.


I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu! — *mood:good*

♥ Egypt



P.S.♥. You see that mug? Yeah, the one that says “Mrs. Always Right”. . . $0.75 at our local Goodwill…you would have thought it was marked a million and one federal reserve notes because Frankie Baby insisted that I not get it—his reasoning? Peep this…#1: it’s inaccurate [so says who bae?]. #2: it would feed into my delusions that I’m always right [so, about the delusions—but where bruh?¿] #3: my head would swell and I’d end up with a Pinnochio nose—still’d be cute though. . . #hashtag WHERE’S THE LOVE FRANKIE?!… eh, got my cup! And still always right #haterfreezone ^_^ 😛 :-*


Call me Suzy Who Dat? - El corazón de nuestra casa ♥

Call me Suzy Who Dat? – El corazón de nuestra casa ♥ | #WeddedWednesday

Frank has the tendency to consider me the best wife ever—well, of course, he’s highly partial and truly bias, because I am his first and only wife. Nevertheless, most days I can truly say I do not feel as though the sentiment could be further from the truth. In reality, I couldn’t be further from the Suzy Homemaker image. Truth be told I’m a far cry from her. And although, Frank assures me that we’re just not that couple and he has no cares for a Suzy—I still take pride and much delight in His smile when he comes home from work to a shimmering home, homemade veggie potpie and a bowl of freshly baked blueberry muffins. Due to the latter, as we embark on our 6th year of obligation I have been wrestling with the desire to really get our house in order, and the challenge of not stopping our endless workflow. To date—the most difficult task is managing dirty dishes, marinating laundry, clean floors, spotless bathrooms, a 9-5, a publishing company, an expanding brand, breakfast, lunch, dinner, a husband with two healthy appetites, of course, the priority of me—and getting proper rest…who knew that was still a thing—sleep where¿

All doubts and obstacles aside, I know the power is within me to conjure up the heka to be Mighty Woman. So, I began in the heart of our home. Let’s just say, it took a sick day for me to make a decisive decision about our kitchen and our everyday routine. Sometimes it takes feeling your worst to produce your best. Proof positive—our newly rearranged kitchen… [to be continued]


w/ ♥




And within the mind of man, is the hand of God. And from the word of man, is the script of His will. For man is evermore, the chamber of spirit, the house of divinity, and the seed of fruition. A house that is built by law, is the home of the Great Spirit; a vessel of self, the armor and deed of His word, that is to come. A compass of light to extinguish the dark. Light is to know and Darkness is to know not. May the light touch the waters and the dark fall to depths.

God desires and receives unto Himself, the truth that is spirit. A God that deprives is a dying spirit. But God is spirit and spirit cannot be destroyed, therefore God gives to Himself that of which God desires by the spiritual law. The Universe is mental and God thinks the law as He governs. Humans think conditional as they are susceptible to the law.

—King Frank

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Almost peed’my pants y’all :/

. . .but I didn’t feed the fears. . .well at least not entirely, eh.

Karaoke + hella super stupid shy, perfectly-okay-with-being-a-backup, singer falling through an entire song in front of a live audience =

complete and utter stage fright

deer caught, in somebody’s pickup lights .  . . fxck! I’m still slighty dyslexic . . . Continue reading

Snaps, Ugly Christmas sweaters and Other Tomfoolery

Good Morning Kings & Queens,

Thus far, Our December has been filled with lots of smiles and many warm days, despite the unpredictable tango of subzero’esque and tropical winter? wonderland’esque temperatures outdoors. So to continue with the theme for Winter, a time for reflection—I gathered some of my favorite instances and dropped them into my WP Media.  And. . .just because I know there is a secret place in your heart for low-quality photos and videos of quirky, heartwarming moments—here is a handful of our fractions in time. . .

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