Life Should Make You Think About Committing Suicide …

Valentine’s Day: February 14, 2015

For the majority — life is hard

Living in today’s world full of technology, and with access to an array of tools for success, we are surrounded by what would make the most inattentive soul believe life should be easy. Instead, many of us find ourselves struggling to make ends meet—and many more of us are being left depressed and seemingly out of options for success or apparent reasons to go on with the struggle. Yet, we have grown content with being complacent Continue reading

Against a liquid fence

I Saw God . . . then I heard S’He speak.

April 12, 2013 — Akenatzy Country [Clover, VA] (originally posted to Nadira’s Locs)

Call me crazy, but my day was amazing . . . Selah.

A voice in nature - Nappy Nahdee

I have never in my life been so, so something. After work today I left the office, and I did the usual: wait on my brother and his partner to finish up work in the backwoods. So I sat up against a wood fence and took in the scenery. It was magnificent, divine. As I’m writing this know that I’m beyond overwhelmed with emotion at this point… Still standing here, barefoot, stuck, and trying to make sense of all that just happened to me, trying to relay to you all that God just gave me. Continue reading


A Blankie for Mi Paris

. . . call me crazy, but know she is my beloved.

I’ve never been one for keeping up with hobbies. Yet lately I’ve found myself interacting with more and more of the Queens who surround me; those who actively immerse themselves in relaxing, mind centering pastimes. Painting, jewelry making, embroidery, holistics, fashion designing, knitting, learning — you name it . . .I probably know a Queen who does it regularly. While I’ve tried my hand at some of those interest and others, aside from painting and occasional jewelry making I give very little thought and energy to any of them. Continue reading