5 años | #WeddedWednesday

Hell has tried many times

to smother us when its flames failed to incinerate our celestial bodies, but we learned some eons ago to breathe with lack of air                                —all those fires gave us a glow—

one I dare say the heavens chose never to dim. Floods have risen to drown us both,


you learned to swim free of oxygen, limbs, and weightlessness with I upon your back—Oh! and seasons worth of quakes have come to rock the circumference of our world:     they even shifted the earth beneath our feet, and still you managed to hoist me high above the trenches’ deep, and with nothing more than my eyes, voice and your faithful Divinity you carried both you and I to the height

of a mountain that could not fall.

Forever yours,

Seaera Marie

#MCM | Organized Chaos

wp-1461000247523.jpgHe asked how is it watching him; watching him lead us out of hell fires—once more.

“It’s like watching a young prince, thrown into battle, mid war—with a new crown set upon his head, a sword thrust into his hand, and the weight of a kingdom placed upon his shoulders.     It’s like watching a video game played with no cheat codes. It’s pretty fun you could say,” said I in reply. . .

We are the lost ones.

We found the break in the fence and we escaped. I was never the herding type and He became a pro at swimming upstream      long before he knew of my existence. We are the raw fruit in a kitchen filled with canned goods.           He is my shepherd in the night and I am his

by day—‘fore I found no shame in my nudity, and He’d sworn his allegiance

to a  GθD who has no name.  — Risque Images of Careless Creatures Continue reading


#MCM | Destination: Off the Grid

Do it for the love
Do it for the bread.
–King Frank – Money x Power

LoveTrips-Him-His-Phone-Priorities-Business-Success-Relationship-GoalsI could sit here and say I don’t have my days—my “woman how fxcking old are we temper-tantrum” days—but . . .I’d be lying.

Not to fear though, they mostly only spring up when Frank has invested the majority of his waking hours working via his laptop, phone or study materials. And usually I’ve exhausted all of my “business/schooling” tasks and busy-work. Thus, these are the moments I find myself checking Her, the whiny-butt “pwease talk to me…I’m bored” brat baby who borrows my body from time to time.
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