Spring 2011 Living Single

So what? I’m single. Let’s try to max out this credit card in a day.

Feeling Myself

A night with the ladies – – May 2011

After my wine bottle-breaking catastrophe in November 2010, for the first time in my relationship-life I was single for more than two months with no cares of finding a bae or being bunned up. I was focusing on me and what made me happy. I was spending more time with my girlfriends, writing poetry daily, and getting my school work done — on time. I was no longer focused solely on being in a relationship with anyone expect myself. Sure I was seeing someone here or there, but I was in no rush to go steady or fall in like or love. Continue reading

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We start young screwin’ love up

Growing up with images, movies, music, and public figures putting tons of focus on being in love or the need for significant other makes it pretty hard to escape the Mr. or Mrs. Right rat race. I spent most of my life in some sort of relationship. By high school, I like many young girls my age, often invested much of my free time in the opposite sex–texting, calling, boo-lovin and going out on dates on the very few occasions my parents would allow. For those of us who didn’t marry our high schools sweethearts, but did manage to rack up a number of broken hearts or just one heart with a number of cracks and bruises—we learned quite early a love-life can be a hard-knock life.  By the end of high school I was convince love was simply a game of Jump Ship. Continue reading

Couple fighting red with anger

Happily Ever After Shattered on Concrete Floors

Exploding wine bottle on white backgroundMy first serious relationship in college came to a rather explosive two year end. Like wine-bottles-breaking explosive. Please understand, prior to LoveTrips™ I was always a very private person when it came to love and for the most part my life’s—up, downs and whatnots. So imagine first: a relationship built on friendship and honesty. Next: ending that relationship because your partner decided he or she was not ready for committed relationship: just to keep it 100%— he still wanted time to sew his royal oatsContinue reading