5 años | #WeddedWednesday

Hell has tried many times

to smother us when its flames failed to incinerate our celestial bodies, but we learned some eons ago to breathe with lack of air                                —all those fires gave us a glow—

one I dare say the heavens chose never to dim. Floods have risen to drown us both,


you learned to swim free of oxygen, limbs, and weightlessness with I upon your back—Oh! and seasons worth of quakes have come to rock the circumference of our world:     they even shifted the earth beneath our feet, and still you managed to hoist me high above the trenches’ deep, and with nothing more than my eyes, voice and your faithful Divinity you carried both you and I to the height

of a mountain that could not fall.

Forever yours,

Seaera Marie

LoveTrips - Matrimony Blues

#WeddedWednesday | Singing the Matrimony Blues

Did anyone order a rush delivery wedding? I did! I did!!! 

Sooooooo the wedding is officially OFF! . . . well at least as far September 17th, 2016 is concerned. For a brief moment, upon being physically, mentally and spiritually forced to adult-up and make this seemingly impossible decision I was livid but more-so distraught. Now, I breathe a sigh of “Oh my god! what was I thinking trying to cram more hell into a hellish year“—relief.

Like everything else in Frank and I’s topsy-turvy:way-to-fast:can-I-catch-a-breath lifestyle, our Celebration of Love was being rushed. And with only a month to plan the homestead wasn’t ready thanks to those trees that fell that one time, my dress is still nothing more than yards of fabrics, no food has been planned, no flowers arranged, no MC or DJ summoned, no travel arrangements made …oh! and we can’t forget—98% of the guest list has yet to be formally informed they are indeed guests… how’s that for holy matrimony? more like holy hell right?!

To say the least, Frank wasn’t happy about me settling for a thrown together shindig, and let’s just say the Madres were a little-wee-bit uh, not really having our madness. Sooooo instead of tying cans to the back of someone’s ole’ stagecoach this month, we’re kicking our ever-tumbling can on down the dusty trail once more! This time, we’re landing in Spring! Eh, where I wanted it to be in the first place—yeah y’all remember all that jazz about wanting an April wedding and whatnot ^_^.

Never try to force an ocean to go with your flow, you’ll only get lost in its waves.

Yup, well now I can truly say I’m super excited and beyond ready to get to the real planning! Of course, I’m taking you all along for the ride. And now that I actually have to time to fall in love with this wedding process,  I have a bit of fun in store! So stay tuned for this new madness! and as always …


♥ Egypt

P.S. I’m backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! :-*

But, Before You Say Yes

A Thomas Point of View

I was at the nail salon last month talking to other clients. You know how women do? We meet another client in a beauty salon or nail bar and it’s like we’re old friends. That’s what happened. We started laughing and talking about dating, marriage, relationships and children. One of the women that I met asked me after hearing that I was divorced “Did you like being married?” and “Would you ever do it again?”

I paused. I’ve heard this question asked before. It’s usually beautiful and younger women who’ve yet to meet the man of their dreams wanting to hear some romantic notion of princes and white horses. I smiled and said “Yes, I liked being married and Yes, I would do it again.” She smiled. You could tell that’s what she needed to hear as she navigated the dating jungle.

I laughed. I said, “But, before you say…

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Hitching rides on comets attempting a tap dance through asteroid space | #WeddedWednesday

One.        Two steps.    Now take two back.

I catch a glimpse of you —mid pondering

the formulas that sometimes often drift pass your visions. Beaming thoughts spill from your cranium, I watch the stress lines shifting to make room for the invisible tears that streak your face. I stare pass your orbitals to catch a flicker of your soul, but I still—

after all these centuries chasing shooting stars across a speckled abyss         together,

and even after half a decade

of forging memories into the celestialsphere to relive a thousand years from now; I still cannot read you. Any ignition of your fire nowadays seems to illuminate our darkness just long enough to watch portions of our puzzle pieces falling into their respective places.

Some fall fast, others slow, and surely they all have seen their share of dousing, singeing, and rips along their descent, but the heavens have shown them great mercies —for none of them were lost along the wretched way. Grateful for the sparks I am:

those who set fires in the midst of the  great forever night,

comforted by the pitter patter, the slaps and slops,

humbled with the discolored, disfigured patterns of pieces cascading like Halley’s tail descending upon our tattered blackboard canvas.


—♥ S. Marie

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#WeddedWednesday | A tree falls in love

Yes, you’re looking at it—I know, I know it doesn’t look like much right now, but that there is the Love Shack, or what’s left of it anyway.

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