The Locs I Grew for You —Natural Hair Journey & Motherhood


I could tell you that there is something justly magical about your hair — but could your soul trust me? 

Only a week, give a few days or so before I took the official leap into toward locking my hair I met Frank. Yes, the infamous tongue ring meeting — the beginning of everything we can never truly ever forget. So, it goes without saying that my locs are as young as our relationship in this lifetime and as ancient as our love.        Yet, the deeper roots of our affections began a few weeks before your conception when I got the urge to start two more locs. From these two came you.

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How and Why I Started My Loc Journey - Natural Hair Locks Dreadlocks Two Starnd Twist - SpiritualJan - Native Moorish American

Beginning My Loc Journey

Interesting enough, I have told this story many times of how we began this cascade of love, and I have yet to tell it here—in the place that manifested from the froth at the bottom those great falls.

My natural loc journey started pretty darn cliché on the “why I began my locs” scale. By my third year of college, I had snipped, cut, colored and styled my hair to the point of no return. I had officially grown tired of relaxing my hair. My hair had fallen into an unthriving state. I was done with trying to figure out how to style and keep my processed strands looking decent between relaxings. Nevertheless, I did not readily choose to go natural after coming to any of these realizations within myself.

No, my natural journey began to take shape around year four. Like many spiritual journeys, it followed a paradigm shift in my romantic life and personal perspective. This transition came a bit after my happily ever after shattered on concrete floor, between the time I maxed out a credit card in a day, and Frank’s sly tongue wriggled its way out of his mouth and into my mental. Continue reading “Beginning My Loc Journey”