Pocahontas leaping from cliff

Feeling Myself

Eventually you come to a point in life at which you will be faced with two choices: continue to live your life existing on the edge or run as fast as you can, leap into the unknown and free fall through time.

Yours Truly ♥

Dance Seaera, Dance Your Life Away
Sunday’s Best

My only consistency is change. It took me a while to realize this constant changing can be a blessing just as a much as it has been a curse. Growing up, I was always a jack-of-all-trades. I never grew out of it. It is fair to say I’ve also always been somewhat of an anomaly. I never fit in with kids or teens my age—nowadays not many adults. I was never one for narrow-minded people or immature games. I was always ready to get to prime of my life. I just wanted to be free of all constraints and restraints. I had a desire to live and do whatever made me happy. Continue reading “Feeling Myself”