Tripping Down Memory Lane | NEW BOOK!

I needed something fresh new; and yet still, something familiar. I remember when I would fill notebooks with thousands of words—the pages covered front to back with lives, stories, trials and glories galore. Back in my high school days Bus 33 was lit with myself and my homegirls swapping notebooks and journals filled with figments of our imaginations—voices and faces which seemed to levitate from our pages like a mighty fog lifting above a great lake.

Somehow time managed to dilute the passion I had for storytelling. For quite some time, a large part of my brain forgot how much I loved the art of crafting tales as a youth. The latter is one of the reasons LoveTrips™ the BLOG took its initial shaping. I wanted to get back to my free and whimsical writing, but as we see this train has long since headed around a different bend to some degree.

However, recently, the love, the passion, the desire to fill notebooks with lines of stories both based on true life experiences and those that merely seek to represent the historical truths of voices unaccounted for has returned to my heart and to my ink. And return it has with a fiery I should add. Thus, I am happy and overwhelmingly elated to introduce my first work in progress “Death House” —memoirs based on true happenings and witnessed accounts from the collection “Hoyani (Spirit Land) of American Saponi Country”.

You my Loves can read, comment, make suggestions, share and so on… Buena Lectura!


Read “Death House” at “Death House” is the first compilation of memoirs based on true happenings and witnessed accounts from the collection “Hoyani (Spirit Land) of American Saponi Country” I will be updating this short compilation with new chapters weekly until it is complete.

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“Love is Law” the BOOK is Coming, and LoveTrips™ the BLOG has flipped…

As you may have already noticed our site looks a wee bit different. Well, all is not yet complete—transitionwise or content-wise, but I wanted you to get a taste of where our 2017 train—our journey is going. In the latter of twenty-sixteen, I was inspired to begin penning a book of my majíster studies in Loveology and of all that I have experienced since beginning journey in Loveology. I also owe some of you my first dissertation. With all of that in mind came the push to share as much of what I have learned as freely as I can when and wherever I am able.

And this is why LoveTrips™ the BLOG flipped! ^_^ … I desired to begin 2017 with direction. I desired to guide your eyes through Loveology—from my vantage point—shall you continue this journey with me. . .

More to come!




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Tañyi 2016 | Not to beat a dead horse but’ah…

\\\ LoveTrips™ Update ///

This past 365 days and some change sought to conjure up a whirlwind of topsy-turvies for us to not only endure but to prevail over. And because many of you are not aware, I’ll just say the 365 days which preceded this now passing catastrophic year wasn’t what I would call a walk in a beautifully forgotten park either—eh, more like an anxiously heart palpitating run through the dark and lonely streets of Time Square, New York just before midnight, chasing an again soon to be forgotten falling skittle. No, Frank and I were newlyweds of the elopish sort—and had been forced to separate spaces, but never hearts for four long seasons: Tañyi, Waneñi1, Weha Ehimpe2, and Wehe Píma3 –that Winter was the coldest season I’d ever faced, and we both in our own worlds had survived the 2010 blizzard in the montañas of Frostburg. Continue reading

Happy Belated 1 Year Anniversary LoveTrips™

A Triumphant Anniversary of the Faithful Sort ♥

By now you all know that Frank and I’s primary religions have always been faith, and the highest law observed by both him and myself is love. If that’s not clear by this point in time then you obviously don’t rock with me for my blog posts. BUT! that’s okay because I love you anyway, and to all my dear Loves, my Queens, my Kings who have been rocking with us since the beginning of all of our LoveTrips™ madness! and or hopped on board this mountain train somewhere since HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY TO US!

{August 6th ♥^_^♥}

I sit, and I raise my cup of Triumph tea to you! because you’re still HERE! And to Self, I pour a swig of E&J for the yesteryear me. Why? Well despite all my ups and downs, happys and sads, soul searches and soul purgings, I am HERE too! now. And I dare say many of you know you have been Inspirations 101’s and 401’s along the last year of Frank and I’s lovetrips. The latter, according to me, is nothing less than love personified and oh so exemplified to its highest! Know because of your love, and encouragement of faith in the times which harbored the good ole’ silver lining that often appears none existent — you all fueled my hope.

On my honor, know each day I praise the Universe and all of the Elohim for rearranging whatever pieces, atoms, and molecules in order for each of you beautiful souls to drift in, around and through our space. .  . [to be continued. . . ]

. ♥ .I love you till the end of time and back again. Know this to be true. ♥ .

♥ Egypt

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