#Teaspiration Thursdays | You only get one shot…this lifetime at least.

“Love your soul.”

—so says my Yogi Teabag tag… ♥Egypt’s Find on the Bathroom Sink

Understand that you were created for a purpose—to truly love your soul is to wholly know your purpose, live your purpose and fulfill your destiny {only you can truly figure out your path}. In order to Love Your Soul, you must first Be Good and Nurturing to your soul.

I dare say it does matter whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Shinto, Hindu, Devotee, Agnostic, Atheist or whatever claim you—no cares for if you are brown, tan, pale, rosey-pink or purple with green polka-dots. . . I know without the shadow of a doubt that you have a soul. A soul to remain lost, or found.

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#Teaspiration Thursday | You are not yet that sublime Bruh, so chill.

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.”

—William Shakespeare. . .[♠Frank’s Draw]


It doesn’t really matter if you are an outdoorzy person or not— all that truly matters is that We take the time out of our busy, often self-centered and oh’so hectic schedules to reconnect with nature. Remember there are a plethora of things which are grander than We could ever hope to be HERE on Earth.

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#Teaspiration Thurdays | I Am that I Am

“You are unlimited”  – so says my Yogi Tea Bag

Although it is well welcomed and much appreciated, I really do not need my tea to tell me I Am whoever, whatever, when-where-why and/or however I say I Am. . .      and I know that I Am also no different than YOU.  selah
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