Networking gave me heartaches...#MemoryLane

Networking gave me heartaches…#MemoryLane

This is for you Mr. Tillman and that sideways look you gave when I said I wasn’t coming back for second year, thank you ♥…

Let’s take a minute to pause…for me to pat myself on the back! Lolz, okay seriously Loves, we’ve all gotten pretty well acquainted in terms of blog customs and whatnots, and y’all know I can be some trash at meeting LoveTrips™ deadlines! Not this time though! Wednesday came and went and from what I’m gathering all is running smooth blog transfer-wise …now don’t be petty my Loves and read this and see that there’s some off-the-wall mess happening everytime you load the site and not say anything…eh. ^_^.  Continue reading “Networking gave me heartaches…#MemoryLane”

Clearing Drafts - LoveTrips the BLOG revamp

#ClearingDrafts | I trashed 104 unfinished love letters for the Universe to recycle.


Time moves swiftly. Too swift for me to keep up with you.

Out running me, as if I had no legs to call my own. And still, I trudge onward gaily, for there are 291 moments now tied to my heart which you have sipped the waters from—and at worst 60 more hurdles left to jump.

!^_^! Always love!



Egypt English in the pathless woods 2015

#Teaspiration Thursday | The trees are caving in…

There is pleasure in the pathless woods. —Lord Byron

—Egypt’s coveting of the Tuesday’s tea

Your life was destined from start to finish to be an untamed and untrodden woodland. You need only know that your destiny was engraved into the fabric of Universe by Love’s hands themselves. And you need only remember that as long as your feet are moving forward always—you will eventually stumble upon your greatest point just beyond the trees.

So, do not fear the unchartered territories, but do embrace the beautiful bountifulness of your unknown,


The thoughts of getting lost in the backwoods, sticks, and briers of my homeland with family on one of our random excursions as a child still flood my heart with sweet love, adventure, and much nostalgia….cheers! to the uncertainty of finding our way back home without breadcrumbs…♥Egypt

I will love you long pass the dying of the very last star hanging in the balance of darkness.