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Ever seen someone in a piece of fashion or styled so peculiarly that in your mind or out loud you are like “I freaking love your life!” Truth be told, I love that moment. Whether I am witnessing someone looking so beautifully bizarre or whether I am the one making it onto someone else’s bizarre list indeed those moments are honors. See, there is something heartwarming about knowing you stand out in a crowd, and not because you spent a fortune on your look, but because your look is on you. Your style is specifically designed, cultivated and hand-picked by your divus eye. You know, and we can feel that you did not choose pieces because of their big-ticket price tags, because they are trending, or because they flaunt a high-end designers name or logo. We know, you choose each increment of your look because it suits you, and your heart desires it. You vibe with your pieces—and they all resonate deep within and far beyond your spirit.

“Nothing is incidental.”
—Pocan Ioan Valentin


The Art of Reappearing— Journal 4 -LoveTrips Egypt English Life Coach - LoveTrips Egypt English Life Coach


The Art of Reappearing

Many people will vanish—some into thin air leaving not a trace, others disappear leaving trails of smoke or dust…only few will reappear

How to Vanish

Just vanish. Leave no forewarning. Pack no suitcase. #Pokerface

Timing is Everything

Much time was wasted, but not wasted dreaming, thinking, planning, trying…minimal execution, but I did do a lot. Nothing ever really feels as though it is indeed enough—but if nothing is ever wasted, every breath is plenty. Clock hands do not race—they remain steady one second at a time. When clocks stop ticking we say they are broken—I am a clock, but first I was time. I function well. I stop not. As time, I always work. #joules Continue reading “JOURNAL #3”

Tell Your Own Story: Geisha of Gion: Memoir of Mineko Iwasaki - Book Review

Tell Your Own Story—Geisha of Gion: Memoir of Mineko Iwasaki | Book Review Part 2 (Non-spoiler)

Maybe this series is not going to turn out like your typical book review series. Seeing that “Geisha of Gion” is a memoir, at times I feel more urged to review the character of the author Mineko Iwasaki. It requires a lot of courage to stand on truth when surrounded by arrows of lies. I have learned so far that the lives of geikos are in many ways tremendously private affairs. Not to mention, the art of a geiko is sacred and their training is rigorous. Many sacrifices must be made and kindred ties severed, especially in the case of Iwasaki’s rise as an atotori. An atotori is the heir to a geisha house or okiya. Traditionally, geikos were very notable figures in their communities like cultural diplomats—not prostitutes or loose women.

Tell Your Own Story

The first lesson “Geisha of Gion” taught me—the most important lesson—is the power of telling your own story. I could draw many false conclusions had I not been compelled to dig deeper into the sanctity of geiko tradition. The most bewitching part is Arthur Golden’s book acknowledgments claim he received his information from the “life experiences” of Mineko Iwasaki. Golden did actually have the privilege of interviewing Iwasaki for background information in confidence. However, he went on to give her name, while fabricating his own version of her reality. This is why Mineko Iwasaki’s “Geisha of Gion” is such a powerful masterpiece in my eyes.

People from afar often interpret your interworkings based off of their own pre-established biases. Others simply and maliciously only seek to rob you of your story and make it their own. Sometimes it is…scary, to think you must tell your story—one that is only yours. No one truly has the rights to your story but you. For Mineko Iwasaki, her life is one of many sacred traditions. Moments she revealed and graciously shared by compellation and indirect force were never meant to be sourced. Yet, when faced with the reality that some people inadvertently or intentionally sought to only rise upon her kindness, Iwasaki chose to gift her truth. There is always power in your truth

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9 Steps Easy Steps on How to Gain Confidence in Love and Life Confidence

Let Them Think You’re Extra — 9 Steps to Confidence

How to Gain Confidence in Love and Life

  1. Comprehend: onlookers will not understand you. They may find you to be strange, unorthodox. Let them judge you.
  2. Appreciate that YOU are YOU. Your DNA. The foods you eat. Your thoughts—your style. The shows you watch—the way you speak—your laughter too. All of the latter and so much more is part of your own unique life’s experience.
  3. Spend time accepting yourself for everything that you are, are not, and are yet to be.
  4. Invest time into figuring out, exploring all that fuels, excites, and invigorates you. Passion. Purpose. Dreams. Ambitions. Goals. Gifts. Talents. Skills.
  5. Pour into your expression of YOU. It is the uniqueness of your spirit—you in general and as a whole, which makes you most suitable to fulfill your purpose.
  6. Harness, all of you. Leave nothing out. All that is you—lower nature and higher nature—is necessary for a well-refined YOU.
  7. Trust yourself and the divine course of love and life that in good time you will learn how to express yourself better and better.
  8. Know those who misjudge you or despise you have yet to find the keys to themselves.
  9. Accept that those who can feel your shifting and see your light within an abyss of darkness will find you.
*9 is the number of purpose.

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