Dining on 2018 Leftovers: Guide to 2019 New Year Budgeting


When the Georgian New Year rolled up on us like hold up this is a stick up, Frank and I were in our jammies, sitting on the floor of our office with pens and notebooks in hand planning out our Spring releases, Year of the Pig ambitions, and budgeting goals as the sound of our neighbors’ extravagant firework show crashed through the blinds of our window.

To say the least, our 2018 was one helluva lovetrip…no surprise there. We learned so much about ourselves inside and out, but three things really stuck out.

  1. We both were possessed by an insatiable addiction to eating out, and I can be a wee bit of an impulse shopper.
  2. The best place to start looking for our keys to abundance is always right where we are.
  3. When either of us commits to something, no matter how seemingly unlikely or impossible it may appear to be—magical shit happens. Eh, who said we were going to keep it PG this year?


Self-acceptance is Success: How to be successful

Self-acceptance is Success

On the conveyance to work one day, I was having a heart-to-heart with my little one. Yes, a heart-to-heart with the little one swimming and bumbling in my womb. I had the urge to have “The Talk” early—the self-acceptance talk. Over the course of five years, I have realized that the most important requisite for success in business, love or life, in general, is self-acceptance.

I now look at self-acceptance like I view putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle. For those of you who do not know this about me, I love jigsaw puzzles. As a child, one of my greatest commitments and accomplishments was completing a 1000 piece Mataoka (Pocahontas) puzzle. I was so proud of myself—in hindsight, it was pretty tough to piece together. My parents were proud of me too—so much so, my Hena coated it with clear glue and framed it. A couple of years later we sold it at the flea market, but still to this day I sit back and think about that puzzle and how each and every piece was a true ace in its place.

Self-acceptance is Success: How to Be Successful — 1000 Piece Pocahontas Puzzle
Similar to the scene of the 1000 piece puzzle I completed.

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