Interrupting Thoughts

Interruption — #Teaspiration Thursday

You can forge through Hell—you can run, walk, skip, hop, crawl or fall your way through Hell. Matter of fact, you can lie down midway through your journey if you so choose. None of the latter matters—the flames will continue to rise even higher and higher, and they will proceed to burn whether you decide to move forward, backward or remain stagnant.

—Egypt and Frank talking life over dinner . . .

As always, you are loved, and highly favored,

♥ Egypt

Egypt English Beyonce as Sasha Fierce Kissing Herself

Spiritual Maintenance | Feelin’ so good I’m gonna go’head and kiss myself

Purple Cravings

To My Dear Queens—and Kings,

Experientially speaking Queens . . . life will not allow you to be completely happy and comfortable within your own world or even your own personal space until you are moving within your own light.

We wonder why we wake up most mornings miserable. And why some days we just don’t feel as if we have it in us to do anything other than sleep, eat, stare at mobile devices, rant about how hard life is and. . . yeah, you get the point.

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Spiritual Maintenance | Cosmic Energies for Lightworkers to Stand in Truth Amidst Judgement

Greetings Kings and Queens,

I’ve been struggling with this week’s Spiritual Maintenance due to an emotionally hectic weekend of love lessons, blessed traveling, and lost postponed work. There is much to be shared with you all in the days to come: including a LoveTrips™ update. 

All that jazz out of the way, I want to share some down-to-earth thoughts from a very great friend, sister, Queen and spiritual healer, Trina Otero. This is an older video from 2013, but it resonates so well with the present for myself and Frank, and I hope, if needed, with you as well. I encourage you to get to know Trina, and journey with her, and allow her to take your spirit under her ever-embracing spiritual wings.

Spiritual Healer Trina Otero

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Spiritual Maintenance | It’s My Square

Many people will not be able to grasp the magnitude of you. Eventually, you will outgrow their thinking and understandings if you remain steadfast on your soul’s mission. —i♥u

They won’t get your values, your morals, or your most simplistic of thought processes . . . but that’s okay, you’ll survive—and so will they.

Your principles and your adherence to your innate laws of self governance will take you further in life than any man’s opinion.       When your critics come, sift their suggestions like wheat—keeping only that which will benefit you, and the empire you are raising.  

Your foundation is your SQUARE. Your laws, your principles, morals, values, knowledge and your faith are your SQUARE. Let no mere human move you from the latter on which you stand.