ROYAL VP Healthy Yummie Smoothie Time

Love Berry Smoothie | DIY Healthy, Yummie & Quick Smoothie for Weight Loss or Snack

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Goodnight Kings & Queens,

So, I’m back again with a new video! This time, it’s all about our Body Lingo! Try my Love Berry Smoothie the next time you’re feeling sluggish, or just in the need of a quick snack or health boost. Be sure to check out the DESCRIPTION section on YouTube for the spiritual and nutritional benefits of each of the ingredients! This smoothie is budget friendly, putting a dent in my pockets about $12 FRN and makes about 6-7 smoothies depending on your serving sizes.

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GRWM while chit chating ’bout LOVE

Greetings Kings and Queens!

Yea, I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve had time to really engage and exchange vibes with you all, but nevertheless, I’m here now! Let’s just say I’ve been a busy lil bee, and with even more to ramble on and on about. That said, OMG! y’all…I’m really like, like really on YouTube now, eh!. So, go ahead and click below and watch me werk!  I really had too much fun making this video ^_^! Sorry to all the Kings, eh I would have filmed something more manly, but uh. No. Eh, I hope you can still enjoy the message enjoy it!

I’ll be back to posting this weekend with a Spiritual Maintenance post, and maybe a lil something something on the side, who knows?! Life for me is just flowing right now, so I’m just going with the flow and rocking with the tides. I love you guys so much. Make sure you follow me on all of my social media, so we can stay in touch when I perform disappearing acts!!! ♥

Love as always! ☺



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