This is the beginning of everything. –King Frank

“Everyone has a journey that’s bound for battles. Whether those battles are fights fought internally within ourselves, or bouts fought outside of ourselves against external forces; being prepared to win is what definitively determines the outcome. My first true victory took me 5 years of daily training for a fight that may have lasted for all of 5 minutes. The lesson and principle learned from this experience has nothing to do with the victory won; but moreso that God will take Her time, years even, to prepare you for the battles truly worth fighting; even if God plans for the fight to last just a moment. But to win, you have to be committed to training and preparing everyday with the faith that one day, your fight will come and God is there to see you to victory.” — July 3, 2018

We came from hustling on the set, my divinity prepped/ Wrote this flow, in my immunity to talk to my community/ Block, it’s getting hot, yo the enemy shot/ mad negus getting popped, by these industry cops/ yo when Europe turned municipal and sanctioned natives criminals/ they took away the principle for rights of individuals/ uh, I’m on my gully negus, watch for the time/ If I exist, then God is present in the African mind/ I’m getting mine, get in line, if you wish to survive/ How many kills, it’s getting real, they want us dead or alive/ Bitch I’m Malcom and Taj, I’m bumping Pac when I ride/ When the nation bumping C.H.O.P, they gon know we arrived/ Pray you heed to the signs, manifested design/ I’m out the matrix, negus face it, Judah back for his pride…



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