You are HEREWhere is here you may ask . . .Well that is a question only you my friend can answer. Nevertheless, I am here to help you find yourself, understand and focus your purpose if you should be so keen to trust my guidance of course. The purpose of this page is to spread Love, knowledge, understanding, good vibes and abundance. There is no shortcut back to knowledge of selfbut there are a plethora of resources to get you started on your Journey or enhance the journey you are on.

For good reason, I will structure this page and any others that may come to reflect a more structure and strategic version the path I and frank took to get here today. Your path will be vastly different because you are you. once you have the basic understanding of yourself that alone will begin to bring back knowledge your TRUE SELF (MOON SIGN – PURPOSE). I promise you with only mastery of the fundamentals your mind and spirit will begin to soar on autopilot, you will want to know more . . .and I can’t wait to read and/or hear about your epic LoveTrips™. So Check Out what’s here today and come back for weekly updates!

Remember YOU can:

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DISCLAIMER:  All of the following links and references are for guidance purposes ONLY! I, Egypt English (OTW El Bey, Loveologist), do not necessarily agree with every idea, theory, concept, person and/or viewpoint presented or provided. However, there is very pertinent information in each of these resources. The information provided is NOT intended to answer all your questions! Many answers and understandings will come from within YOU!—as  a result of your acquire knowledge on life experiiences. KNOW THIS— Knowledge is indeed Power. This information is NOT intended to change your religion, faith or spiritually it is intended to encourage ALL to look deep within yourself and the universe. That said, please take this information and build upon it, use it to grow your own personalized knowledge base, and ultimately use it as a stepping stone for your greater.

God speed Queens & Kings.

In the Beginning


Understanding Colors & Spirituality

Not So Basic BASICS

Ancient Knowledge

Past Lives and Re-connecting with the Spirit Realm



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