Love is life’s cheat code.

Love is your ticket out of Hell,
and your one way pass to all of your Heart’s desires.

Loveologist Egypt EnglishI figure, there comes a time in every human being’s life which requires him or her to make at least one decision that will drastically alter the course of, and ultimately determine the outcome of his or her life—a decision that will either propel or stagnant the course of said person’s livelihood on Earth-plane. For me, merely beginning to overstand Loveology was that life-altering, ground shaking, universe shifting decision. I’ve learned to fly without physical wings, thrive on my own strength of mind, and live free spiritually and full of abundance in a world suffering from poverty of time, wealth, health, happiness, freedom and most tragically life, love.

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The Fundamentals of Loveology

Heart over Brain

Both your brain and your heart possess electromagnetic force fields. Of these two electromagnetic fields, we have a tendency as scientists, researchers and scholars to place the brain—the organ and machine of thought over the heart—the organ and machine of feeling. Yet, science, research, and much observation have only just begun to understand that our … Continue reading Heart over Brain

YOU the Universe, the Soul of Loveology with Loveologist Egypt English


Our Universe is an isolated system—our Universe is an open system—Alpha {A} and Omega {Ω} –within it nothing can be truly created nor destroyed—only transmuted, transferred or transformed into or from something that previously existed in some other form of matter: liquid, solid, gas, plasma: frequency, vibration, energy. You are of this Universe. All of … Continue reading YOUniversoul

Your Heart’s Desires

The Universe is a matrix. Everything within the Universe is the result of one giant mathematical equation.  The big equation is a compilation of an array of smaller individual equations—the rocks outside are equations, your neighbor’s pet fish is an equation, and you—your mind,  body, and spirit—are an equation. Overstand, you are a least and at … Continue reading Your Heart’s Desires

Good Vibes, Bad Vibes

Things, both animate and inanimate, vibrate. Each vibration interacts with surrounding vibrations. Vibrations produce frequencies, and those frequencies emit energy. It is the energy created that causes the actions which lead to the shifting of our Universe. One way or another we will vibrate—yet, it is how you vibrate that determines whether you attract positive energy … Continue reading Good Vibes, Bad Vibes