Our Universe is an isolated system—our Universe is an open system—Alpha {A} and Omega {Ω} –within it nothing can be truly created nor destroyed—only transmuted, transferred or transformed into or from something that previously existed in some other form of matter: liquid, solid, gas, plasma: frequency, vibration, energy.

You are of this Universe. All of its laws, quantums and physics not only govern the functioning of the Universe, but govern your life, existence and your own inner-universe as well. As a Human Being, unlike and yet so similar to all that is of this Universe, you were born into a very baffling and powerful position here on Earth.

The Universe as we have come to learn is trifold—being all Soul and Mind as One, Body, and  Spirit. We see soul and/or mind manifested within the Universe as awareness, purpose, gravity, nature or any other force that is ultimately god-given. We see body represented by our own celestial bodies—Sun, and other distant stars, Moon, Earth and other planets, comets, asteroids, etc. Finally, we see, we feel, we hear spirit operating within the Universe. You, I and other animals, plants, fungi and so on have the bewildering ability to partake in life—live and in each’s own right thrive.

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