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Liberated Writers

Want to know what is in my artist career toolkit, and how I landed projects with a Grammy-nominated producer and Forbes list company and keep sane while navigating the digital record industry in a world going mad? Are you searching to express your truth and rise as your most authentic professionally artistic self as writer, poet, or recording artist? I am traveling the road less travelled and my path is lit, and I want that for you.

Subscribe as a Liberated Writer ($34 per month after 14 day free trial)
  • Tier 1 and 2, plus:
  • Mini-branding and business masterclasses for poets, spoken word artists, and writers
  • Recording industry thoughts, tips, business know-how for artists in the new digital age
  • Behind the scenes of making certain projects.
  • Sharing my spiritual resources, knowledge, and experience
  • Exclusive interviews and chats
  • Access to “the WRITE” Newsletter and Memoirs

Business of Spoken Coaching

The flood gates of opportunity and abundance are open! You can be the eating and prosperous artist you desire to become. Together we can work with your darkness, work beyond your challenges, cultivate your light, and build the foundation to manifest the career you have been dreaming about.

Business of Spoken Word coaching ($100 per month)
  • Tiers 1, 2, and 3, plus:
  • One personalized coaching session per month
  • At least one follow up via email
  • Access to “the WRITE” Newsletter & Memoirs
Business of Spoken Word coaching ($80 per session)
  • One personalized coaching session
  • At least one follow up via email
  • Access to “the WRITE” Newsletter & Memoirs
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