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Welcome to “the WRITE” memoirs, a reimagined collection of memoirs, newsletter releases, and knowledge archives. The first releases will go live on October 12, 2021. For now, “Friday Worship” is FREE, and “Naked Spells” will always be FREE! Sign up today for newsletter access.

Naked Spells

I have sunk to many depths and risen to a plethora of heights to arrive here at this space of spiritual self-acceptance. In between these lines and verses, visuals and invisible sigils you will find shards of my soul that I have often cut myself on as I pieced all of me back together.

Journey through my ocean of waves:
  • New and previously unreleased journals and memoirs (including personal, inspirational, motivational, matrimonial, maternal, scientific, humanitarian, informative, fantastical, esoteric, and sensual)
  • Poetry, mostly unreleased with the occasional oldie, but goodie.
  • Short stories (nonfictions, historical fictions, and plan ole’ fictions
  • Oracle readings and messages from my altar
  • Access to “the WRITE” Newsletter and Memoirs

Friday Worship

What you hear and see is merely an extension of all that is ever-silently speaking within my restless mind. The stories you discover are those of truth, all of which have in some way liberated my spirit, mind, and body in some irrevocable way, and freed my enslaved soul.

Tap in to “Friday Worship” :
  • Tier 1, plus:
  • New poetry releases (text and early release audio/video)
  • Exclusive podcast episodes
  • Some exclusive eBook release, and some early releases
  • Audiobook excerpts
  • Topic suggestions
  • Q & A’s
  • Access to “the WRITE” Newsletter and Memoirs

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