Mentorship & Consulting

Loveology Mentorship

I know you are a powerhouse. I know you have a passion driven purpose just waiting for you to reclaim it. I know you have what it takes to pull yourself out of any mess and redirect your life upward toward success whenever and however you choose. I know you know all of the latter to be true too, so it is my soul’s duty to assist you in your climb toward all of your heart’s desire—your purpose, your success and your wealth.

My Loveology Mentorship program is one of a kind because it not only provides you with the keys to bettering your life from any point in time, but it also gives you all the tools you will ever need to mentor others by using your god-given gifts and talents.

Life Planning

Work, home, self, significant other, children, passion, purpose, hobbies, leisure, fun…LIFE! it’s a lot to manage. Yet, together we can determine what it will take for you to become the masterminding behind your happiest self and achieve the happy fulfilled life you have been dreaming up during those restless nights and challenging days.


You’re ready to kick the 9-5 to the side, but you are not sure if you are ready to spread your great big beautiful wings and fly toward your dream life. Well, there is a method to entrepreneurship madness and I want nothing less than for you to be successful and fulfilled. Chances are you’re not just leaving your current position for financial reasons—do you want more balance? more fun and excitement? more quality time with family and friends? maybe you are one-half of a power couple who’s running on a low battery? Eh, right now I do not know your current struggle, but I do know together we can get you recharged and ready for the good life.

Mentorship & Consulting Methods:

  • You are everything that you have going on right now! I will begin by helping you sort through your life’s baggage (Don’t worry all is confidential, and all of the information you provide is done so at your choosing)
  • Together we will not only map out your new processes, but we will begin putting them into action.
  • I will provide you with resource materials that fit your particular needs.
  • I will provide insight from my own Loveology journey.
  • I will provide pertinent information by research if needed.
  • I may reach out to you with trusted mentors if needed or requested.

*All mentorship sessions and services will be administered via Skype and/or email [individual circumstances permitting]

So what will you need for your sessions?


Access to internet connection, Skype and/or email account


Pencil or pen, and highlighter (preferably)

List of your 2017 goals (if known)

Loveology Mentorship Packages

  • 60 mins session,  one 30 minute follow-up session + 1hr session wrap-up via email: $130
  • 60 mins session, three 30 minute sessions + 1 hr session wrap-up via email$230
  • Three 60 mins sessions + 3 session wrap-ups via email: $300

Loveology Mentorship Basics

  • 30 mins: $50
  • 45 mins: $70
  • 60 mins:    $90
  • Add session wrap-up via email $10

Consulting Services

  • Life planning
    • 30 mins: $50
    • 60 mins:    $70
  • Entrepreneurship
    • 30 mins: $60
    • 60 mins:    $99

*All consulting services include session wrap-up via email.

Use the contact form below to ask any questions about mentorship or consulting listed above, or to inquire about custom packages, and quotes not listed.