Geese Fly in Formation Bruh |#Teaspiration Thursday
“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” —Vincent Van Gogh Frank draws while talking politics. When we
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#Teaspiration Thursday | The unfathomable sparks
“A relaxed mind is a creative mind.” —Egypt draws  again I had become anxious in mind, body, and spirit —anxious
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#Teaspiration Thursday | That Paycheck Though . . .
“Patience pays.” —Egypt’s teabag tag pick I ramble on and on week after week about faith. This week started with an
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The Monday Train is on a journey to help artists from all walks of life and creativity keep their lives on the right track. Aboard The Monday Train you will vibe, think, laugh and maybe even shed a joyful tear, but above all, you will be inspired, encouraged and motivated to create your picture-perfect life.