Egypt English - Loveologist, Artist, Poet, Model - Bridal Photoshoot

Counting the Nights

You’ve taught me
the beauty of love and war
Life, raged within me like battle torn soldiers
filled with passions, but out of ammo. With no hope left
you are the wind that blew the embers
from that distant utopian land. You’re the spark
which set fire to the enemy’s encampment. The blaze
who burned freedom free.


—Your Love

—From {Dance with me like there’s fire between our toes}—Metronome

Egypt English - Loveologist Artist Poet Model - Decolonize North America Morocco

Barbarian Karma, a Savage Ascent

I am nothing
        like you,       you, nothing like I anymoor. And even in a world of fictions, tales, and fairy whispers by God I be, you could never be as much as half of me in your current form.
I walk this earth with tired feet, I now toil, I till, I slave to bring forth fruit so that even your deprived can be filled, but you take: You take from the hungry—the naked, the babes, the mother with the child,
you take father’s head from mother’s bosom,
you take mother’s cub from mother’s breast,
you take from the elders,
you take from them their youthful spirits,
you take the heart from the religious man, you take the dignity of the honest woman,
you take life from the Earth I and I spin—
you take siege of Our land,
you take Our chattel, you replace the cattle, we fall
as chattel
you take Our harvest,
you take Our innocent,
you take in the name of . . .whoever’s creed you’ve guised—
      but, you do give death.
      death to mortal men.

From {Watching the World Shake with Much Madness}—They’re Watching Our Faces