Letters to May #734

Everyday I am deeper in love with you –heart stops– another piece of her dies. For your life is now so entangled in my locs, and I don’t want them undone. Reborn, anew with each kiss of my Ǝye. I grow as you stroke my Goddess… strum my inner strings. Your fingers tap. Your lips caress. Your … Continue reading Letters to May #734

Building outta suitcases - EEnglish


You have to learn how to move your shit around.      A lot. And how to toss the shit you don’t need today outta mind      ‘though never really out of sight…   I’ve spent a lot of priceless time tripping over things –a ton of unnecessary expenses. just shit all over the floor, all in … Continue reading BUILDING A LIFE OUTTA CARDBOARD BOXES AND SUITCASES


Body Count

BODY COUNT My breast– Windows– and behind their stained glass is a fountain –hidden in an abandoned lot in distant wood– which no longer runs, because the motor has long since stopped pumping–rust has settled, because upon the last tenant’s leaving those windows, all but the two stained ones, were barred the doors boarded— the … Continue reading Body Count


Risque Images of Careless Creatures

We found the break in the fence and we escaped. I was never the herding type and He became a pro at swimming upstream      long before he knew of my existence. We are the raw fruit in a kitchen filled with canned goods.           He is my shepherd in the … Continue reading Risque Images of Careless Creatures

Risque-Images-Of-I AM DAROTHEE SOMEWHERE OUTSIDE OF KANSAS - LoveTrips-Egypt-English

I AM Darothee [Somewhere outside of Kansas]

He lured me away from the quiet roads which had invaded pastures long before the fields knew the aroma of manure—and yet my heart still knows that smell.  His light guided me along his rugged streets, and soon my mind embraced the scent of exhaustion; my ears rang with the horns and sounds of endless traffic jams, gridlocked … Continue reading I AM Darothee [Somewhere outside of Kansas]


King Midas

The beads of water fall from the faucet, liquid crystals golderizing as they touched his skin. She stood outside the curtain, waiting, for the sound of rain hitting the plastic rocking horse on the back porch to stop. And when it did, from the now dripping waterfall he emerged glistening and glittering like lights dusted in … Continue reading King Midas

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