Muurekesh Slink Wrap Bracelet



The Muurekesh Slink Wrap Bracelet features the healing energies of Bamboo Coral, Fancy Jasper, Multi-color Agate and Peach Potatoe Pearl.

Primary Energies:

  • Coral: Provides protection from negative energies and evil spirits. Encourages emotional healing and balance. Helps cast away doubt and inspires moving forward with courage. Chakra: Root. Zodiac: Taurus and Pisces (Coral Association)
  • Fancy Jasper: (Stone of Tranquility) Calms overactive emotions and strengthens focus. Great for increasing discipline and encouraging perseverance in trying times. A perfect grounding stone. Offers protection against negative energies. Chakras: Root and Solar Plexus. Zodiac: No specific zodiac sign.

Secondary Energies:

  • Agate: (The Stabilizer) Stimulates relaxation, balances Yin and Yang energies, strengthens sight and relieves stress. Chakras: Heart, Sacral, Crown and Third Eye. Zodiac: Gemini (Scorpio and Virgo, depending on the color/type)
  • Fresh Water Pearl: (Stone of Integrity) Enhances integrity and encourages truth. Promotes overall balance, and balance of body and hormone levels with lunar cycles. Inspires modesty. Chakras: Root and Heart. Zodiac: Cancer.

The Kwāzär Collection is the debut collection of Nadira’s Box, your one stop shop for custom luxury healing jewelry.

Disclaimer: All designs are custom hand-strung pieces. Be mindful that 90-97% percent of the beads used in the crafting of your piece are natural gemstones; therefore, finished designs will almost always vary in shades, shapes, and/or aesthetic detail.


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