Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award ♥

Good Tuesday Loves!

I’m all smiles sitting at our breakfast bar, because my dearest LoveTrips-Sisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers-awardQueen Sister Nena of YOUnfolded nominated me for the Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award. Nena has a phenomenal spirit— one that radiated from South Florida all the way to Greater Baltimore, Maryland and captured my heart at first comment. I’m truly humbled, and flattered to have such a giving soul nominate me for such a powerful award. My goal is life spread love, uplift and empower humanity with my actions, words and deeds—I’m elated to have in my circle of Queens a spirit like Nena’s to keep me ever-so motivated to do more.

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Spill Canvas | To Create from Nothing

You pick up your pen with the intention to write.
You have no starting line nor finishing line in sight. There are no prompts,
but you know you have something—

something to share with the world;
something the world just might need to read today—to hear screaming,
whispering from your pages. You know you must spill ink,
so you put your pen to your paper.

words begin to flow       —that is faith.

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There they are! . . .

“. . .as if they were in full pursuit of something. We watch them spiral down, right above the sunroof, then glide gracefully and intently in front of our car—positioning themselves directly in line with our rear view mirror for all of 15 seconds. Then they take to the sky again. . . “


Cry baby of the millennium . . .| Namaste Nena ♥

On the toilet, at work, I cried.

For those who are unaware I cry . . . because I’m sad. When I’m overwhelmed. Watching Disney movies, listening to the perfect musical score or measure, reading a tearjerker. Seeing newborns for the first time, children at play, proposals and weddings. . . When I’m mad, fulfilled, surprised, or simply in awe of nature’s workings. When I read a verse that speaks to me, your blogs, your experiences, the ups and downs, and often the comments you all leave for me . . . I cry when I’m happy. Ask Frankie, he’ll tell you— I cry, a lot.  I don’t know why, but I know I’m a sap, and I know I left my desk with much haste to have a moment with self in the women’s restroom. . . yeah, and it’s all Nena’s fault, but Jahla Queen Sister, and Thank You a million times over. If I had a ten-thousand tongues I couldn’t say Thank You enough ♥. Continue reading “Cry baby of the millennium . . .| Namaste Nena ♥”

Spill Canvas | Yesterday I prayed.

I blessed the magnificent, ever-holy Lord Our Gods


All law. For they alone are many.              Together one.

And they have been indeed revered among the celestial great.

I have prayed with fiery                                this I did—I prayed

with passion. I prayed with faith— asked for nothing more, no less than angelic guidance,

love unconditional,

and abundance unspeakable

to reinvest in peace.           I pled for fearlessness—

I beg to be of good and righteous mind—to be a kept wombman.

Keep me. Guide me, shift me                    move me. Send me I will go.

And in these times of chaos, wash me in your peace of many colors, bathe me

in red and gentle stillness.


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