We are the lost ones. We found the break in the fence and we escaped. I was never the herding type and He became a pro a swimming upstream      long before he knew of my existence. We are the raw fruit in a kitchen filled with canned goods.           He is my shepherd in the night and I am his by day—‘fore I found no shame in my nudity, and He’d sworn his allegiance

to a  GθD who has no name.

Focused - Welcome Back to LoveTrips™

Welcome! Welcome Back! and Thank You!

So I’m officially welcoming everyone, Lolz, including myself — back to EgyptEnglish.com bka LoveTrips™ the BLOG. I want to start with Thank you — to all of you who a month into my posting hiatus decided to request my blog and/or follow me on social media. Thank you to my friends who have agreed to have their moments in Frank and I’s relationships shared with you all. Thank you to our family. This blog is not like your everyday blog — LoveTrips™ places our life on public display in the name of love. Some of our most intimate moments and revealing moments have been and will be published on these web pages. So thank you to our family for encouraging and supporting myself and Frank as we etch these tales into the World Wide Web.

Last, but sincerely never least—Thank You to My King. Without you — like literally without you— none of this life I live now, none of this love I have to share, and none of the dreams I envisioned with you in those cold snow-capped mountains would exist.