Love, Sex and Happily Forever After

I haven’t quite put my finger on my exact purpose in life, but I’m pretty sure whatever it is has a whole lot to do with love—so let us make this a journey to remember.

For my Nadira’s Locs supporters, I send my love and thanks for your follows, comments, likes and reblogs. I initially took down the site to revamp it and take it to the next level. However after about Where is the Corona ?three months I got frustrated—my inspiration had vanished. I was crushed emotionally. See when I first published Nadira’s Locs I was convinced I had finally found my blogging niche. However, after a year’s worth of soul searching, future planning and weekenders with the Hunny, I realized my niche has always been is my passion. And for as long as I can remember, my passion has always been the quest for true love. Continue reading “Love, Sex and Happily Forever After”